Training Schedule


Mon-Fri 4pm – 7 pm

    Junior Coaching – follows school terms
    Junior Casual coaching – $40 / session
    Senior casual Coaching – $40 / session
    Senior 10 sessions – $35 / session


Sky Badminton Training Levels

  1. Badminton Foundation – introduction, basic technical skills and steps.
  2. Advanced Coaching – badminton skills and tactics.
  3. Personal Badminton Coaching – focuses on player’s weaknesses during training, and develops game tactics and strategy

Badminton Courses Outline

  • Badminton introduction and rules
  • Frontcourt and backcourt steps
  • Basic strokes: serves, bats, flat services, clearances and deep shots
  • Advanced strokes: cuts, drives, drop shots, driven services and flicks
  • Tactics: decoying tactics, deception, draws and court cover
  • Personal coaching: correcting weaknesses and personal tactics
  • Competition coaching: singles, double and mixed-doubles games
  • National and international competition coaching and training